Planning ahead is very important for successful group travel.

Whether the destination involves domestic or international travel, or both, it pays to set up your itinerary well in advance of your travel date.

This gives us time to research both the flight routing and pricing in order to find the best available itinerary for you. Early booking, especially during holidays or high season, can secure the best airfare for groups.

Planning ahead pays off!

Group Travel

Traveling with a number of people? You may be eligible for group discounts. TravelPlanners LLC can help you find out if there are group rates available for all your travel plans.

While the rules for group eligibility can be quite different, most airlines are quite clear that a “group” is 10 or more persons traveling to the same destination from the same departure point on the same dates.” Even so, there are “group airfares” that can vary greatly, depending on travel dates, destination, and other airline rules. TravelPlanners LLC has years of experience with booking group airfares, so we can negotiate all the rules and regulations to help you get the best rate possible.

What constitutes a “group” isn’t always so clear in other areas of travel! Let’s say you have a small group of family members (8) traveling to Disney World. Are you a group? Usually not, but there may be some exceptions for certain dates. Sometimes, booking 8 cabins or less on a certain cruise line may constitute eligibility for a group rate. At other times, there may be no group rate available at all, but there may be group rates on a competing cruise line. Some hotels have group rates available if you book 10 rooms or more, while others do not. It can be quite confusing if you’re working alone to make arrangements for your group.

At TravelPlanners LLC, our years of experience in group travel works for you, taking the worry and confusion out of group bookings. We have access to all the travel vendors, so we can find all the advantages available to your group – some you may never have thought about. Let us do the work for you, finding the best value for your dollar when traveling with a group!

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