Anita Nooe serviced the partnership mission teams for the Delaware Baptist Association traveling to the Republic of Moldova in the past, while working for another agency.

She always worked hard to find the lowest fares and the most accommodating schedules. She even helped team members who had problems or lost tickets while in Moldova.

We always felt safe because Anita “had our back.” I’m very grateful that she is once again servicing our teams.

—Mal Utleye, Moldova Mission Coordinator
Delaware Baptist Association
Dover, Delaware

Mission Travel

Do you have a church group or organization that is making travel plans? To insure your group’s best travel experience, you need expert help, and you can get it with TravelPlanners LLC.

TravelPlanners LLC has great depth of experience in the field of Group and Individual Mission Travel. “Mission Travel” is the industry term for humanitarian travel booked by your church or nonprofit organization, usually traveling as a group. A group is defined as 10 or more persons traveling to the same destination from the same departure point on the same dates. If your travel plans meet these criteria, you may be eligible for reduced-rate, negotiated airline fares and other discounted travel arrangements.

Individuals traveling on behalf of their religious or humanitarian organization may also have access to Mission air fares. Provide TravelPlanners LLC with the appropriate information and we will set up your travel plans under the mission travel umbrella.

The travel consultants at TravelPlanners LLC are experienced in both domestic and international individual and group mission travel, and would be happy to help you plan your upcoming mission or humanitarian travel.

Contact TravelPlanners LLC by phone (601) 714-1959 or e-mail to discuss your plans in detail and receive a quote as individual or group.

TravelPlanners LLC takes great pride in playing a part in making your mission travel successful and enjoyable, assisting you in your humanitarian endeavors any way we can. Your successful mission travel is our mission!

I highly recommend Anita Nooe to you as a professional, efficient, friendly travel planner. She planned large group travel to east Europe for me as a team coordinator for five years. Anita worked hard to find the lowest airfares, and carried me through every detail in planning for the travel- ticketing, visa documentation, and even overnight housing for layover. The itineraries were well documented and complete. She followed through with phone contact upon return to verify everything in the travel experience went well.

Anita has recently opened her own Travel Planning Business in the Jackson, Mississippi area. She is available to serve you for all you travel planning. Anita knows the travel industry well, and will work very hard for any person needing a Travel Planning Professional. Let Anita get you to where you need to be. She will do all the Planning; all you have to do is Pack and GO!

— Carl Meyers
Pearl River Baptist Association